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Wow! That sounds cool. How can I get involved?



We’re glad you asked!

A great place to start is our Discord, where thousands of Forwardists from around the nation gather to chat about policy, strategy, and life in this wacky world. And yes, we’ve got plenty of dedicated channels especially for Florida, as well as for local communities throughout the state. You can also check out our Discord guide to learn more on how to join this online community!

If you think you might have a bit of time to dedicate, we also encourage you to consider volunteering by signing up here.

If you'd like to learn more, you can also join one of our Volunteer Calls, listed on our Florida Calendar page. You can also see all of our open volunteer opportunities here!

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  • David Sosa
    published this page in FAQ 2023-02-16 12:43:56 -0800