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What does the Florida Forward Party stand for? What policies does it support?


As part of the national FWD movement, we believe in innovative, open-minded policymaking, in grace and tolerance in our discourse, and in working together to build powerful, lasting solutions.

At the policy level, we’re a new kind of party that doesn’t have a robust platform with an “answer” to every issue because we believe in a roots-up approach that empowers candidates to bring their own ideas to the table, to find the kind of Forward thinking that works for their constituents and communities. And while our state platform may evolve as we continue to grow, allowing this freedom is an essential part of who we are, and what sets us apart from today’s partisan noise.

As we work on building this party from the ground up, we hope you’ll come along and advocate for the issues you support and be one of the many voices contributing new, innovative ideas on how to improve our democracy.

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