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How is Forward different from other third party efforts? Why should we believe that it’s going to succeed?


The Forward Party builds from the ground-up, strengthening our common-ground message through the incredible energy of our organizers, and through the powerful and innovative solutions of the candidates we present. We will focus early on local races where the barrier to entry is much lower, building gradually and organically to develop the brand equity and resources to compete for higher offices. Along the way, we’re going to support efforts for needed structural reform that can allow more third-party and independent candidates, and more voters, to make their voices heard.

And yes, we are serious about winning. We’re not just here to make a statement. We’re not just here to push one issue. We want to take the steps that we need, and take the time that we need, to build the viable, credible, and durable new party that our nation needs.     

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  • David Sosa
    published this page in FAQ 2023-02-16 12:39:02 -0800