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Solutions Built For the Future

Through our commitment to innovative and effective problem-solving, the Forward Party is ready to take on the difficult social and economic challenges of today… and those of tomorrow.

When talking about the need for solutions, it’s essential to realize that the problems we face, as a state and as a nation, aren’t simple. They are, in fact, quite the opposite.

In recent years, we’ve seen the deep complexity of modern supply chains and trade routes, and just how volatile they can be during a disruption. We’ve seen the rise of new AI technology in more and more fields, threatening to automate out thousands upon thousands of jobs and cause an industrial shift that our economy simply isn’t prepared for. And we’ve seen new generations, faced with pandemic-interrupted learning and the mental health toll of growing up in the social media age, try to prepare for life in an-ever changing and often unpredictable world.

These are deep issues that don’t lend themselves to easy fixes, and we get that. At Forward, we understand that the way to solve complex problems is by bringing more ideas to the table, by building up a strong and open discourse, and by creating a platform for passionate problem solvers to think and work together.

When we talk about the need for grace and civility, or for openness to different ideas, we’re not playing nice for the sake of playing nice. We believe firmly that bringing more perspectives, and more innovation, to the table, is going to give us the best results when it comes to effective policy. That is the mindset that we have to bring in order to face the problems of today, and those of tomorrow.

What We Bring to the Table: the Innovator’s Toolbox

To empower Forward leaders to take on the difficult issues that lie ahead for their communities and constituents, our party is focused on uplifting dynamic policymaking tools from our community. These serve as both an open-ended guide to future leaders, and as an illustration to our supporters, and to all those those curious about our party, just what Forward thinking means, and what our brand of innovation looks like. Our Innovator’s Toolbox features some of the big ideas that our nation needs, and the list below is one that we look forward to seeing grow as more and more passionate problem solvers join our network:

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