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Become a Forward Candidate

Whether you're a current elected official or a candidate for office, joining the Forward movement is an opportunity to distinguish yourself from the noise and be a part of something truly special. And in many cases, it doesn't require changing your party registration at all - Forward FL endorsements are available to members of any party who are committed to fostering a better politics in our state and our nation.  

We love to see careful and informed decision-making from our leaders, and that applies here as well. So when you're done reading about why you should run with Forward, and we're looking for in our candidates, we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions that you might have, so that we can get this conversation started. 

Before You Begin...

Be sure to check out the Five Keys to Running in Florida, our introductory guide to new candidates, what it means to run, and how Forward and its partner organizations can help. 

Why Run Forward?

  • The Forward Promise - Forward is a new kind of party, and at the heart of that is our promise to empower independent thinkers and dynamic solvers to bring their and their constituents' unique voices to the table. This commitment is the Forward Promise, and we believe it is central to our ability to foster better solutions for the challenges that we face. 
    Plus, we don't like being told what to believe, so why should we be telling our candidates what they should think and say? 
  • A Growing Resource Network - Of course, empowering problem solvers at every level means more than just letting them have different beliefs. It also means building up a strong network of tools and support, built up not only through our party but through our many partner organizations committed to building a better politics. 
    These resources include powerful data insights on prospective voters in your district, dedicated campaign consulting to help your message make the impact you want it to make, and access to Forward's growing community of volunteers, donors, and supporters.  
    We'll also be connecting you with guides and workshops on productive governance, to the chance to reach out to hundreds of other candidates and elected officials throughout Forward's growing national network to share insights and ideas.
  • A Critical Opportunity Ahead - Forward was built on more than just hope and idealism - there's also a shared belief that a different kind of politics genuinely can succeed, and there's no better time for it than now. Even in Florida, with our closed primary structure, over four million voters have chosen not to be a part of either major party, and that number is growing rapidly. The brand of both the Democratic and Republican Parties is becoming more and more toxic, while their candidate quality seems to get lower and lower.
    With a strategic mindset and plan of attack, and with exceptional candidates under our banner (that means you), the possibility is real. We can win critical races, change the way people think about politics, and show the nation what happens when you empower problem solvers to solve problems. With your help, we can move Forward.

What We're Looking For

Though any voter can legally join our party and run, those who want to seek our official endorsement and support - including Forward-affiliated Democrats and Republicans - will need to go through a formal evaluation process by our Endorsement Panel, which will then make a recommendation to our Executive Committee. Here's what we'll be looking for:


  • Dignity - Do you consistently demonstrate grace and tolerance when discussing critical matters?
  • Humility - Do you appreciate that issues are complicated, do you welcome criticism and debate, and do you utilize data to make informed policy proposals and conclusions?
  • Transparency - Are you honest and forthright about voting and governing intentions, and do you make clear the principles and logic that may inform your future decisions?
  • Responsiveness - Do you take time to listen to constituents, and create avenues for them to provide input?
  • Focus - Do you value solving problems and bringing real results over riling up voters and making ideological statements?

A Very Important Note

While we welcome all capable, committed, and eligible leaders to run for office under our banner, the state of Florida tends to be a bit more strict. If you are thinking of running as a Forward Party member, it is very important to note that you cannot change your party affiliation within one year prior to the start of filing for a partisan office. That means that, if you're running for County Commission in 2024, you can't change your party affiliation after June of 2023 - it's not our favorite rule, but it's the rule, and we don't want anyone to sign up as a member without realizing how it might affect eligibility for partisan office. And remember, you don't need to be a party member to earn our party's endorsement. 

If you're not sure how your target office is affected, please reach out to us! We want everyone to feel as informed and empowered as possible in the democratic process.


Ready to Run? 

If all of the above sounds good to you, and you think you're ready to explore joining the Forward movement as a candidate or affiliated official, then let's get this conversation started. 

Send us an email, and we will work to schedule an initial candidate consultation. We want to know how we can better help you, and to let you know what we can do and what we're looking for. Now let's move Forward together. 

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