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Regional Lead - Panhandle

With our state leadership infrastructure in place, we're now looking for regional leadership, to create more opportunities for supporters across Florida to get involved and find events locally. Eventually, these regional leads are going to be tasked with building the bridge towards county-level Forward organizations and regular community meetups, an essential part of a growing and thriving political movement.  

What You'd Be Doing:

  • Organizing and overseeing regional in-person events, ensuring that local Forwardists have opportunities to get involved.
  • Working closely with statewide leadership, other regional leads (potentially including leads in your region), and eventually county- and town-level organizers in your region to track local party growth. 
  • Identifying key potential volunteers, including prospective county leads and candidates for local office.
  • Supporting regional communications efforts, including campus outreach, flyering, and letters to local editors

Role Requirements:

  • 5-10 hours per week, minimum
  • Readiness to collaborate in a team setting with both state leadership and local volunteers and organizers
  • Commitment to growing a healthy FWD Florida community
  • Commitment to the Forward ethos of grassroots building and empowerment
  • Reliability with a high level of integrity

If you're interested and want to learn more, tell us a little about yourself and any past/current experience you think can translate to the role. Also, be sure to include what region you're located in under the comment field. We'll be in touch!

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