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Currently, more than a million Floridians work in jobs at a high risk of being phased out due to automation. Hundreds of thousands more are in danger of losing their jobs to AI. Many more work in new gig economies, where a lack of structure and high volatility make things feel all too often unstable. And while many are understandably worried about the future of their industries, our major-party politicians offer little in the way of real solutions.

Though we may try to delay it, major industrial shift is coming. And if we’re going to face it head-on, then we’ll need the proper aid and transition programs for those in affected industries. We’re going to need major investment in fields that can withstand future trends. And we’re going to need to define, structure, and regulate new ways of working to ensure that they are sustainable, and that those who pursue them are able to make a reasonable living.

The economic and industrial challenges aren’t insurmountable. They don’t have to spell doom and gloom. But if we want to ensure more, better jobs in more future-friendly fields for more Floridians tomorrow, then we’re going to need to apply some serious Forward thinking today.