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Aren’t you the RCV guys? Isn’t that what you’re all about?


No, actually we’re not. Ranked Choice Voting is a crucial piece of democracy reform that’s having quite an impact around the nation, and it’s one many of us are excited about - because it’s a powerful innovation, and because it helps us to work towards the thriving democracy that our party so values. But it is not the be-all, end-all of the Forward Party.

We are not a one-issue party, and we understand that many voters have much more than voting reform on the mind. Our candidates have big and bold ideas on the economy, immigration, education, and so much more, and we owe it to them to uplift those ideas. Because at the end of the day, we need to demonstrate that, not only would it be nicer if our democracy welcomed more voices to the table, but it would lead to better solutions for all.

Moreover, Ranked Choice Voting is not the only democracy reform out there, and it’s not even the only alternative voting system worth paying attention to. Approval Voting, STAR Voting, and others all have unique appeals, and all may have states or districts where they are going to be either more appealing to constituents or more politically viable due to laws and regulations. The Forward Party is not interested in pushing top-down policy and purity-testing on it, and we make no exception here.