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Innovator Alliances

As our communication strategy evolves, one of the keys to helping people understand the Forward message is being able to highlight the groups and individuals that are leading innovative problem solving and bridge-building efforts across the state. Whether these are debate and discussion forums, voting reform efforts, or any other kind of innovative problem-solving movement, we want to highlight and connect with them. These strategic alliances can allow us to use our platform to raise up voices of positive change, while also bringing value to our supporters by making them aware of a range of state and community efforts that they can get involved with. 

What You'd Be Doing:

  • Identifying notable efforts towards political innovation and bridge-building throughout the state
  • Working with state leadership to initiate outreach and begin building strategic alliances

Role Requirements:

  • Passion for innovation and an eagerness to learn about new approaches to political problems
  • Commitment to building a healthy FWD Florida community
  • Reliability with a high level of integrity

If you're interested and want to learn more, tell us a little about yourself and any past/current experience you think can translate to the role and we'll be in touch!

Who's volunteering
Samuele Bradley

Will you volunteer?

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  • Samuele Bradley
    wants to volunteer 2023-09-14 22:49:35 -0700
  • David Sosa
    published this page in ... as a volunteer 2023-03-16 12:09:12 -0700